Agonizing about dining chairs in MOD Living


Plenty of Nordic “feels” in MOD Living!  |  21 August 2016

I’m getting a bit confused about what dining chairs to get!  I thought I knew I wanted these (based on my pegs!) but then I got muddled up because there were issues like:  1) I read in an old Real Living issue how those faux wood legs tend to squeak, and have to be tightened all the time; 2) though my mother assures me the last time this house got flooded was in 2012, I see her point about getting metal legs over faux wood, because the latter will not hold up after a flood (in other words, tutuklap!); and 3) our red vigan tiles seem to be screaming for something lighter, or a dining area rug even, if I still gun for that Nordic feel (incidentally, they always have light floors, I know I know, as much as I love them, our vigan tiles will be a challenge).

Just to recap, these were my original pegs:


I wanted a mix of those white plastic chairs with metal bistro chairs (via Decorilla and Minimalisti)


But I wanted this table.  I still decided to go with a mix of white plastic and metal bistro chairs, because those have flat seats for Alo’s booster chair (via Apartment Therapy)

I got the table.  I even found a black caged pendant light I liked, a variation of the one in the photo.  But because I ended up waffling on those faux wooden leg thingies, and suddenly found myself worrying that all that wood and white for the table and the chairs might be too matchy matchy, I seriously considered getting the same kind but with the metal legs version.  I kept going back to this other peg of mine for reference:

The table is different, sure.  And they’re using a darker rug.  That my floor is reddish was also really beginning to gnaw on me – I still can’t figure how to work around it so my dining area will look all light and airy and Nordic!  (I’m saving and linking these 2 useful articles 1 and 2 on how big your dining room area rugs should be).  But I do agree with my mother, those metal legs will be hardier in case of flood.  But then H pointed out, if it really floods, we’ll be putting all those chairs up on the table or something.  Also true.  My gad.  I am so confused!

I’ve been stalking MOD Living‘s site for a while now, and have made several calls.  Last weekend we were driving home from Virramall and were in the San Juan side of Ortigas Avenue.  Low and behold!  I spotted MOD Living to my right, in the E-Square Building, and made the H do a u-ey.  And now I am so so glad I finally got to visit MOD Living because the chairs look so much better in person that they do on their website!


French bistro chairs available in MOD Living (their Tolix chairs) in all colors.  However, unlike my peg, they don’t have the gunmetal color – out of stock for now!  The white is so pretty, but I think we’d do better with gunmetal talaga!


The white Charles chair with faux wood legs.  Leftmost is my other option, the Charles chair with metal legs – though the one on display here is acyrlic with purple tones.  It costs the same as the one with the wood legs.  (Oh and I really like that metal chair beside it too, the Charles chair wire according to their site).

I used to agonize about the same chairs not being available in Furniture Source Philippines (they order from Ikea, a repro of the Eames original).  But MOD Living carries the same reproductions, all year round, for the faux wood and metal leg versions, and I know at least that I’ll be buying my dining chairs from MOD Living.  It’s just a matter of finally deciding which ones!!!

More photos of the chairs in MOD Living (they have living room furniture store, too, but all my shots just zeroed in on the chairs of course):



That Tolix bench was another item that looked nothing in the online photo, but looks great in person.  We considered it for the dining table, but I knew I wasn’t into sofas or benches for the dining table for now.  As for the black metal chair – I like it for the living room!  The Charles chair, but black powdered coated – it’s only Php 3,200, on sale!).

I inquired about black chairs for the living room in Locsin, and my gosh, they are so expensive.  Pang dream house na siya.


The black chair in the middle, the Charles with arms, I want to get one in white for the living room.  Ideally, if I really go by my Nordic pegs, it should be a rocking chair, but those aren’t available in Furniture Source right now, and MOD Living doesn’t carry the rocking chair version.


Another point of confusion: armchairs for the kabisera!  I’ve also never really considered clear or ghost repro chairs for the dining room, but gosh, these are nice.  That’s the Charles chair pc in the 1st shot, and the repro Ghost chairs in the 3rd and last photo in the collage.  I figured I might do those ghost chair thingy for my vanity table since di ko ma-afford ang Daphne chair!  But they might work rin for the dining table, no?  And the repro Wishbone chair in MOD Living is only Php 7,500.  I see a lot of Scandinavian dining rooms with Wishbone chairs too, pero I never liked the seat (itchy haha).


L-R: Tolix bar stools (basic and with wood seats); Hairpin, Rustico, and Ghost bar stools; Tolix stools

Ever since I got two bar stools at home I’ve been kind of obsessed with them – even if we don’t even have a bar in the house, hahaha!  The metal one we have from Dimensione has been so useful.  I’ve been using it as a sidetable, a stepladder, a planter, and general patungan ng lahat ng gamit.  They have a lot of stools and bar stools in Mod Living.  I’m going to have 1 stool for the upstairs and downstairs at home, and maybe 1 more for the littlest boys’ room too.


One wall in MOD Living is lined with their metal, plastic and acrylic (is that what you call them?) chairs.


The opposite wall houses the mostly wooden chairs.  (It’s blocked by the tables, but there’s a really nice Butcher bar stool in that pic somewhere.  All links below!)


Sigh.  Everything looks so CLEAN.  (See that simple black and wooden chair, 5th from the left?  It’s the Blake chair – it small and compact and neat).


Maloloka ka sa metal bistro chairs and bar stools dito!  They have all variations in MOD Living

I’m posting a list of the chair names and prices here, more for my ease of reference really, because the filter function in the MOD Living website isn’t very efficient, and I have to keep scrolling 17 pages of chairs to go back to the ones I like.  The prices below are the sale prices as of 22 August 2016:

Again, please note the above are sales prices ha!  Please contact them if you want to be absolutely sure.  For instance, the website provides that the Wishbone chair was on sale at Php 6,000, but in store the sales clerk said it was selling for the regular price, which was Php 7,500. On the other hand, the white Charles chairs were selling for Php 2,200 in store, which is the sale price reflected in the website!



E-Square Bldg., 416 Ortigas Ave., North Greenhills, San Juan

Contact Nos.: (02) 570-42-19  |   (02) 570-42-19

You can view their map here.