IT BEGINS (Work on the Dining Area)

Like I mentioned, my handcrafted dining table is here!  Nath from Dekko delivered it last Monday, promptly at 10:00 am, as he promised.  I am so happy about the quality – it’s built solid, with clean, beautiful lines.  Nath came with my receipt, a copy of my order form, a business card, and a free sticker, which I thought was a nice touch.  Had I been available to receive the delivery a week ago, the whole ordering processing would have taken less than 3 weeks.  Again, I have nothing but good words for Dekko and Nath – I highly recommend them!

Anyhoo!  Since my dining table is here, you know what that means, right?  Time to fix up the dining room – or rather, the dining area because it’s an open floor layout here at home.  I am nothing without my lists, so I of course have countless lists for this, hehe.  That includes dinnerware, mind!  I received a complete set when I got married, but you know how tastes change over the years (plus, I wanted my set to be mine, not “ours”).


I started with placemats and plates from Crate and Barrel

I struggle with figuring out how many sets to get, you know?  I didn’t want a complete 20-piece set of everything, so I’ve been going to places that sell everything per piece.  So far, I’ve gotten 6 plates and 6 placemats from Crate and Barrel.  And I had my heart set on flat modern-looking utensils (apparently, they’re called mid century) and found them in Muji, which also sells per piece, hurrah.  I got 6 sets of utensils (in stainless steel; I still have my wedding silver).  But should I go with 6 or 7?  (The 7th set in case one of the kids or maid breaks one of the plates).  But if I’m going with 7, then might as well go with 8, shouldn’t I? Definitely less than 10.  Aaaah.  I’ve been reading up about it, and basically they say to get the set and number that suits your every day needs!  Okay fine.  So this is me now obsessing about our every day dinnerware – in addition to everything else we need for our dining area!