FRAMED! (Inexpensive DIY wall art)

I’m back!  Was on lockdown the whole week because I was writing writing writing our big case study for work.  I emailed it last night, finally!  I had to shun all other work, engagements, phone calls, social media, projects at home.  You can’t imagine how hard it was for me especially since my handcrafted table was delivered last Monday and I was just itching to get some new dinnerware and fix up our dining area already!  WELL!  Now I’m back to the land of the living!    So let me just share this project that took us less than 20 minutes:


Framed wrapping paper (and my laundry schedule, hehe)!  And all made possible because of good old National Book Store!  I know, I know, framing wrapping paper has been done over and over again and is probably a staple in most DIY homes.  But I’ve always felt that regular frames may be too small.  I knew which wrapping papers to frame – I hoard embossed wrapping paper from Tie Me Up Buttercup.  They have the best designs for kids (oh and they have stalls in Greenbelt and Shangri-La Plaza).  It was just a matter of finding large frames.  Lo and behold – the H and I stumbled across poster frames in NBS Shang!

There’s such a thing pala noh?  Poster frames are apparently thinner than regular picture or certificate frames – instead of glass, this one uses acrylic, and it’s BIG!  (16″ x 20″). It has hooks in the back, too, and since it’s lighter than corkboards and regular picture frames, I’m not too worried about hanging it up. I picked out the wrapping paper (cars, of course, because I intend to put in the little boys’ room), and the H did all the cutting and fitting.  It’s still sitting in my bedroom for now – and I was thrilled when, the next morning, I saw Alo wake up and run screeching towards it.  He LOVES it.  Every time he sees it he still plops down in front of it to coo and point out the cars and trucks.  I may just leave it on the floor instead of hanging it up so Alo can enjoy it.

As for the framed laundry schedule – well, it took me longer to make than the wall decor, hahaha.  I had to sit down and figure out a laundry and ironing schedule for the maid.  Then I just printed it out and decorated it with my current favorite washi tape (the same tape I’ve been using for the Family Command Center).   The H bought and picked out the frame – it’s soft grey and it’s just a certificate frame from National, too.  Panalo ka talaga, National!

Here’s what we used, just so you know what the frame looks like as sold in NBS:


I’ve been to countless National Book Stores and it was the first time I spotted a poster frame, ha!  It was the last piece in the Shang branch, but I shall keep my eyes peeled for more, now that I know they exist, haha.  I’m hoping to frame more wrapping paper and use these frames for my school diplomas!

P.S.  I am obsessed with Tie Me Up Buttercup.  Aside from wrapping paper, they have the best ribbons, invitations, and all sorts of party stuff!

Poster frame is Php 278 from National Books Store; wrapping paper is Php 250 per roll, from Tie Me Up Buttercup