6 months, 2 weeks, and 1 day pregnant |  14 August 2016 in Tweedle

I can’t close almost all my pants and shorts anymore!  I know I’m still thin everywhere else, but Baby Boy No. 3 is starting to grow every week and I’m just completely relieved about that.  No humble bragging there – I carry small!  It worries my mother.  I’ve been limiting myself to just 1 cup of coffee a day (drowning in milk).  Will be starting a coffee shop series soon – there are just so many new ones in Manila right now, and I’m there for the pastries and chocolate drinks and tea (since I can’t exactly indulge in actual coffee right now).  This one was taken in Tweedle in Quezon City – discovered a bunch of Agatha Christies there that I’ve never even heard of!

On the pregnancy front, I have to report that I haven’t experienced a lot of morning sickness or even carpal tunnel syndrome with Baby Boy No. 3.  Thank you Lord for that!  I had the most awful carpal tunnel syndromes when I was carrying Laz and Alo.  Had to wear wrist splints during both pregnancies.  No intense food cravings with Baby this time, too – except maybe for Chinese food but even that isn’t a weekly thing.

What I am experiencing more than I did with my first 2 pregnancies are cramps.  Insane cramps that have been leaving me writhing in pain.  Braxton Hicks perhaps?  All I know is this: it’s true what they say, no matter how many kids you have, every pregnancy is unique and different!

*Wearing: chambray shirt from Top Shop (yes, the same one, it’s been a pregnancy favorite it seems), army green pants from Uniqlo, slides from Birkenstock, bag from Madewell.