If you’re in National Bookstore every week (like meeeeeee) then you’ve no doubt seen those fabric boxes they have, for Large Things, Medium Things, Small Things.  As it turns out, the Medium Things fabric box was perfect for storing and organizing all our warranties and instruction manuals.  I debated getting another Muji file box like the ones I’ve been using all over the house but I figured it might not have enough room.  At one point, I was storing extra antenna for our old TV set with our warranties!  I also used an expanding envelope before and it was bursting in the seams.  I knew I needed something with more space.

I once spotted Sterilite plastic file boxes in True Home in Magnolia (with lid and top handle and all), and to this day, I keep kicking myself for not buying several because True Home still hasn’t restocked.  I also considered getting a basket, so it’d be a bit prettier, but I knew I wanted something with a lid. This NBS fabric box fits A4 hanging holders, is roomy, light, and easy to transport.  I’ll only upgrade if I find something as functional and pretty!


My H and I came up with the categories and he helped me prepare the labels.  I used Eagle hanging file folders (size A4) from Office Warehouse – it came with the tabs.  I made the labels with my Brothers label maker (now a firm favorite).  Oh, notice the blank tab beside Alo’s name? That’s for Baby Boy No. 3.  My little boys each have their own folder because I hold on to some toy assembly instructions, and Laz has a lot of those 1-week warranties/replacement receipts for cables that we seem to buy non-stop for his iPad Mini.


I use resealable zipper storage bags (I had to Google that, because I know Ziploc is a brand and I didn’t want to spend on actual Ziplocs just for my warranties and manuals) by SM Bonus, available in any SM grocery, to coral the receipts, instruction manuals, etc.  I also slipped in a small colored index card for each bag, for easy identification of what appliance or gadget the documents pertain too, and to scribble down notes.  I plan to write down important information there, like maintenance or repair schedules, because I haven’t finished my home binder and I’m not sure I want to write down all the maintenance and repair schedules for all our stuff at home in that binder.


I keep boxes of my SM Bonus zipper plastic bags in the back of the box – I have them in 3 sizes.  (I use separate zipper bags for the kitchen, because I keep this warranties box upstairs).  The last folder in the box, labeled “Supplies”, holds my index cards, extra tabs, and Sharpie.  Keeping everything I need to label, file, and take note of our manuals and warranties right in the box makes it easier and faster to always keep this box, and consequently our documents, organized.

And there you have it!  Our Warranties and Manual Box!

P.S.  I apologize for the dusky iPhone photos!  I had to use filters because it’s been overcast all week, I couldn’t get enough natural light indoors for decent photos.