SNEAK PEEK: Dekko handcrafted dining table


I find myself going back to my dining room pegs post and hugging myself in glee because things are mooooooving.  In that post I mentioned finding Dekko in IG, and how I was planning to ask for a quote from them.  Well, I got my quote, my order form, paid the down payment, and yahoo!  A few days ago, Nath from Dekko posted photos on Instagram of my table.  And I am giddy with excitement.  (This is my first time to have furniture customized, or to splurge on quality furniture; I lived on hand-me-downs from my folks for years and years).

Nath was supposed to deliver the table this week but I had to meet a witness on our scheduled delivery day, so it has been pushed back to next week.  Dekko has been AWESOME to transact with so far.  Nath replies promptly to all messages, they’re reasonably priced, and I love that it’s all handcrafted by Nath.  I highly recommend them.  (Check out their IG and FB).


Now I need to save up for my chairs, and I’ve been daydreaming about my table settings, and new pendant lamps!  There hasn’t been a lot of home updates in the blog – I’ve taken advantage of my being busy to save up for everything I need for the dining room, the latter being my next big project.  One corner at a time, baby!