LAZ THE KATIPUNERO: Filipiniana costume from Marikina Market

filipiniana day1

My little Katipunero, all set for Filipiniana Day |  31 July 2016

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Laz’s 1st grade class (whom we met last year) is really one of our BIGGEST blessings.  I don’t recall having a Filipiniana Day when Laz was in Grade 1, but his school had one scheduled this year (for last Monday, to be exact).  And thanks to my 1-Magala(ng) family, I knew exactly where to get Laz’s Katipunero costume – Beth not only told us where to go (Marikina Market) but she also told us how much each item costs (for haggling purposes!).  Beth even bought costumes for the other boys, and offered to get one for Laz too when she went back there over the weekend.

But Marikina Market is near our place and I was curious to see what was available.  So last Sunday, I trooped to the market with Laz and Alo (and MJ and Mang Manny). The costumes are in a building off the wet market part, 2 stories high. They have all sorts of Filipiniana costumes – even boy scouts uniforms – and true enough, everything was dirt cheap.  Laz’s complete outfit, including the hat?  Php 235 only!  Hurray!

filipiniana day2

My silly boy wanted a bolo to go with his costume, the engotsky

We went home with another hat for Alo too – he grabbed one – so I went home spending just Php 255 for everything.  Grabe.  Nagulat ako sa mura.

P.S. Notice my lotus umbrella stand in action??  I just had to include it in the picture, I love it so.