HAULS: Shopping in Katipunan

I’ve always loved Katipunan.  I went to high school and college there, and it started out with just McDonalds and Shoppersville (both of which I still love, hehe; the latter burned down recently, shucks, and I’m still heartbroken about it). Then all these restaurants and cafes popped up. And now, in addition to the eating establishments, there are a bunch of stores and cute little shops.  Then you add the U.P.-Ayala Town Center and boom – I want to find work in Katipunan!  Here are some of my hauls from last week:


From Quirks Novelties & Curiosities.  I’ve been stalking them online for years, years I tell ya.  The white bucket, the Buckit from Monkey Business, was on sale, and the knuckle mug (the Knuckle Buster Mug by Thabto), which I’ve been pining for, was the last piece in store.  I’ve been meaning to get a popcorn bowl for Laz, who loves the stuff, and this popcorn bowl by Balvi is made of plastic (as opposed to the more pricey ceramic ones I saw in Crate & Barrel).

Those are passport holders for Laz and Baby Boy No. 3 (since I already have one for Alo from Cath Kidston; I’m trying to get special passport cases for each of my boys).  The Star Wars passport case is from Dynomighty – I’ve been wanting to get a Mighty Wallet for Laz, and figured he’d do better with a passport holder (I make Laz use a zip-up wallet with a belt loop instead).  The planes and trains case is from Monkey Business (on sale). The coin purse by BlueQ is going to go into my Grocery Bag.


From Paper Stone.  This paper and stationery store is from Singapore, and I so love their illustrations.  They also have the best stickers, and I’m always picking up a cute pen there for Alo’s collection at home.  Everything in the photo except for the stickers is 50% off!  Gah, I love that store.  Notice how I seem to love stores that sell paper, stationery, books, handmade stuff, and novelty items?  (I even love Gift Gate, hello).  The file boxes are for the boys’ stuff – they’re joining the rest of my white file boxes for my filing system in the study.  I cut and punched holes for that desk calendar and put it in my Household Calendar– it’s going into the Family Command Center because I realized we needed a monthly calendar view for the kids’ schedule.

The spiral dinosaur notebook is for Alo, who likes to pretend to write and scribble beside me when I’m working.  And the journal and stickers are for me – I’ve been trying creative journaling, hehe.  I picked the dinosaur print because it reminds me of my sons.


From Papemelroti and The Happy Project.  I always pass by The Happy Project kiosk whenever I’m in U.P. Town.  I like their stuff, their message, and what the company is about.  The pouch I got for them is to hold the canvas bag and eco-bag from Papemelroti – all for the Grocery Bag I’ve been assembling.  The little pouches from Papemelroti are for gifts I intend to give, and the magnetic “Lolo” bookmark is for my dad (I buy him a book every year for his birthday, usually detective fiction, which is a passion we share).


From Fully Booked.  The DQ & Company bag tag and luggage tag are for the kids’ small and medium-sized diaper bags.   The 3-zip pouch, also from DQ & Company, is for my Grocery Bag.  The i-clips magnetic page markers and Sticky Subjects page markers are for my creative journal and filing system.  Aaaaand the book is Enid Blyton’s Famous Five.  I have never outgrown her books, hehe.


From Common Room.  I seem to pass by a Common Room branch at least every week.  I came specifically for those tissue holders from Tweed & Twine.  I always seem to have an explosion of tissue paper in my purse.  I’ve been waiting for Keeping It Together to bring back their tissue keepers but they were always out of stock.  Saw these lovely leather ones from Tweed & Twine and happily took them home.

The grey brush pens are from Kuretake, which I needed to finish Laz’s Lunch Box Planner.  I’ve been slowly but steadily building my brush pen collection since I bought my first Zig pens in Scribe.

Quirks Novelties & Curiosities, Paper Stone, The Happy Project and Papemelroti are all in U.P. Town Center.  Common Room is on F. Dela Rosa Street, just off Katipunan Avenue. Fully Booked is in the Regis Center along Katipunan Avenue.