I updated Laz’s Lunch Box Planner because I ended up really disliking the turquoise washi tape I used.  I did away with my grand plan of doing something with magnets for now and decided to stick with plain old whiteboard markers, hihi.  We’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and when I skip days, yaya has been very diligent about noting down what she packed for Laz (because she knows I always check and want to know) – I’m so proud of her.

(My son eats mostly delata.  I know; I still get upset about it, but he so refuses to eat anything else.  I’d like to blame his former yaya but the truth is I’m responsible too because I’m still the mommy – when I was working full time, I discovered she’d feed him processed food in spite of the menu plans I painstakingly wrote out every week.  Now we can’t wean Laz off processed food).

Lunch Box Planner before (as seen here):

And after:


A - schoolorganization1

I think it looks cleaner after I did away with the washi and colored markers.

*I shared how we prepare school lunches here!