I’ve mentioned some of the mini projects I’ve been working on in this post, and that number has since multiplied.  I suppose it’s because organizing/decorating/fixing up your home never truly ends??  I would often wonder why I’d still see my mother or father still puttering around their house, beautiful and insanely neat as it is already.  Now, I totally get it!

mini projects

Some of these mini projects have been completed, and I’ll share the finished products in upcoming posts.  Some are still in progress!  I’m keeping myself occupied with these tasks while I wait for my dining table to arrive – yes, that’s the next corner I’ll be tackling and I can’t wait!!!

#1 – I redid (and finished!) Laz’s Lunch Box Planner.  The turquoise washi tape was driving me crazy – I couldn’t deal with that streak of color for that corner.  Now it’s more toned down, and I feel much happier ever time I catch a glimpse of it behind the door. (Update: you can see Laz’s Lunch Box Planner here!)

#2 – I finally got around to figuring out how to use my new Brother label maker!  And I’m kicking myself for letting it sit in the closet for so long; that label maker is so easy to use, and I love, love, love having these neat, uniform little labels printed out.  They are waterproof too, so I’ve been using them for everything.  I’ve been tackling our filing system at home, being the next step after sorting our papers in the Family Command Center (as I shared here), and I am almost done.  Our utility bills, bank statements, and my income tax documents are all neatly filed.  I just now need to find a spot for the binders, do our home and automobile binders, important documents binder, and the kids’ school binders.

#3 – My dear Glads sent me a clipboard that perfectly fits my grocery list.  I had such a hard time finding a small clipboard that fits those A5 Muji pages I use for my grocery list templates.  My H stuck a hook on it, and I put another hook on the side of our fridge to hang my clipboard.  I’ll share this corner soon.  I am so happy because it also motivated me to clear out all the junk and old magnets cluttering our fridge.

#4 – I am stuck in keys organization.  I mean, I am making progress since I started, but it’s slow.  I find it tedious, because slipping new keys into those rings hurt my fingers, haha, so I only work on it a little bit every day or every other day.  Also, I have to test each key, then head out to get certain keys duplicated.  The lock for our front gate got jammed, too, and I had to buy new padlocks and get those locks duplicated again. I also ran out of the black 3-ring key hooks I was using for the downstairs keys.  It’s a lot of work, labeling each and every little key since I use my Dymo label maker and have to cut and trim each strip to fit each key.  Hay!  Hopefully by next week I’ll get to finish this.

#5 – I assembled a small diaper bag for Alo, as shared here and here!

#6 – The H helped me in setting up a warranties and manuals box.  All the instruction manuals, receipts, warranties, and spare parts for our appliances, gadgets, etc. are now filed away neatly in this box.  I’ll share this in another post, too. (Update: you can see our Warranties and Manuals Box here.)

#7 – I mentioned how putting together a small diaper bag for Alo made me realize we needed a medium-sized diaper bag, too, when we head out with both little boys.  I’ve got the bag and the list, and I’m more than halfway done with this project.

#8 – Hehe, and since I’ve been into bag organization lately, I’m also putting together a grocery bag for me, because my everyday bags normally won’t fit a clipboard with my grocery list, and I hate carrying around my gazillion loyalty and discount cards.  I’m basically done with this project too and will be sharing it soon.

#9 – I got stoppers for the boys’ drawstring shorts.  Coming soon!