COMPLETED: Alo’s Small Diaper Bag

Update: I’ve completed Alo’s small diaper bag, yay!  I explained in this post why we needed a small bag for mall or grocery runs, when yaya and I just have 1 kid with us.  I just needed to get and finish a few more things, and this was one of the mini projects I was able to tackle last week.  Now Diko’s small diaper bag is all set:


I printed the photos in this post for yaya’s reference.  I described the items that go into the small bag in detail here, so below is just a quick rundown:

Halo ipad mini crossbody bag used as a diaper bag; 3-pack Chicco milk bottles; Precious Moments 3-layer food storage (used for formula); Klio (from SM Homeworld) medium-sized and small snack containers (with twist caps); Dr. Brown’s hard spout drinking tumbler; Halo non-zip phone pouch with a tiny plastic sando bag inside (because those flimsy thin plastic bags snag on zippers; we always carry them around not just for trash but for barf bags); Hygienix small hand gel; Giggles small wet wipes; DQ & Company (from Fully Booked) bag tag.

The pamunas we use at home are old cloth diapers.  I bought them in bulk when we had Laz and now we still use them as pamunas and sapin sa likod for both boys.

Also put the list of small bag contents in the DQ & Company koala bag tag that I love (it was so hard to find decent bag or luggage tags, by the way; I used to see them everywhere all the time but now that I was looking for one, I couldn’t seem to find any that were cute enough and big enough to fit a list.  It took me a while before I was able to go to a Fully Booked branch.  I had a robot bag tag from DQ & Company before, and was glad to find that their designs are still great for kids, well made, and sturdy).


Yaya has since washed the milk bottles, etc. and reports that my Brother laminated labels are indeed waterproof.  Hurray, no need to spend Php 400 for those waterproof sticker sheets from Robee!!!


I printed the photos of the small diaper bag contents (and where they should go in the bag), had them laminated, and just placed them on the dresser in the kids’ ground floor room.  I haven’t decided if I want to stick them on the walls, on a corkboard, or inside the cabinet doors.

Guess what though?  We’ve been using the small diaper bag for a week, and one time I found yaya with the bag practically bursting in the seams.  We were out with both boys and she had packed another juice tumbler for Laz, shirts for 2, and diaper changing stuff for Alo.  It made me realize we needed a medium-sized diaper bag when we’re out with TWO little boys, haha.  Yes, new project again!