I discovered Project 52 via Bleubird a few years ago and often toyed around with embarking on my own weekly photo project of my sons.  But life got in the way, and though I do take pictures of them every week, I didn’t think the photos were anywhere near as awesome as Bleubird’s.  Plus, the background then, our old place, was always messy.  Well, our house now is tidy, and I’ve come to realize that it’s all about photo documentation of moments and snippets of your child’s life, never mind if I don’t have mad photography skills (or an SLR, come to think of it).  I should at least give this project a shot for 1 year.

alonzo-26 July 2016

Alo, still fixated with sunnies (even if they’re upside down) | 26 July 2016

lazlo-27 July 2016

Laz, during an after school Common Room run | 27 July 2016