HAULS: Home Items from Dimensione, Me & U, and The DIY Shop

I’m all for clean lines and minimalism at home, but I have to admit  I’ll always have a weakness for quirky items and trinkets.  I think they somehow add personality.  Sometimes when I browse the homes in Real Living PH, I can’t help but feel that while most are lovely, they often have a showroom-y feel.  No personal touches, all just stylized everything.  But I also wonder – how to inject personality in a minimalist home?  Or minimalism itself is a reflection of the homeowner’s personality?

ANYHOO!  I was in Eastwood a few weeks back  and originally just intended to buy cork to line my pencil jar in the School Station and cable wraps for the Family Command Center.  But Dimensione was on sale, and aaaah I’ve always been drawn to that store Me & U.  Here are the items I picked up for the dining and living areas at home (I wonder what they say about my decor personality???):


I’m slowly gearing towards tackling our dining area next.  Here are my hauls from Dimensione:  #1 breakfast-themed coasters (that’s a slice of cheese and bologna; beneath it I have toast and fried egg coasters, teehee); #2 Umbra porcupine cotton buds holder (for the Master’s bath; couldn’t resist, I love Umbra); #3 squirrel spoons which I plan to use as rice serving spoons; #4 Blooming placemats and coasters (temporary fix to replace our fugly placemats; that’s a pack of 4 for only Php 99!); #5 shark bag clips; #6 purple rose-shaped coasters; #7 smaller Blooming placemats and coasters (pack of 2) for the kids to use; and #8 mustache straws (hehe, for Alo).


From The DIY Shop and Japan Home Centre.  The cable ties I used to wrap the last 2 exposed cables in our command center (as updated here).  The cork pot holders and coasters I buy just to use the cork.  I use the big ones to put my trash bin on in the Master’s Bathroom, and the smaller one I cut to size to fit my pencil jar in the kids’ school station.  The box is for Laz’s gadgets – I hold on to boxes and receipts for cables and things because of the warranties/replacement options.


From Me & U: #1 Qualy lotus root umbrella stand; #2 Qualy bai bua tray (serving tray and drainer tray); #3 bin mr. p be happy; #4 two purple and one light blue splatter coasters.

Sigh, I really enjoy that store.  I ended up there because I was looking for a tray to hold drinking pitchers, etc. when we’re at the table.  I ended up picking up items I’ve been eyeing for years (like those coasters).  They’re all going to come together with the table settings I’ve got planned, I swear, haha.  The bin is for Laz or the kids’ room – I haven’t decided yet.


Will play around with turquoise and purple table settings, hence the placemat and purple coaster.  The purple splatter coasters from Me & U are for me.  Should I go with gold utensils or silver?  (Last year I found gold utensils in Cartimar!  I wonder if they’re still there).  I intend to stock up on those placemats for small parties or larger dinners with the extended family (with plates I’ve long been crushing on from Crescent Moon pottery).   And I just love love love that leaf-print serving tray and umbrella stand – the latter is a lotus root!  Sigh.  These little details at home make me smile.

Dimensione, Me & U, The DIY Shop and Japan Home Centre are all in Eastwood Mall