BUSY LATELY (07.24.16)

I didn’t have a lot of time to putter around the house last week because of meetings, hearings, and pleadings galore (unlike a couple of weeks ago, when I got to blog daily about the projects I was doing around the house, hehe).  I work 3 jobs, and my busy stretches for all 3 always seem to align!  I’m not complaining though, because I love my 3 consultancies and enjoy the mix, but I do like to catch up on the house when I still have some time after taking off my lawyer and mommy hats. 

So I had to content myself with the following mini projects:

  • Putting together Alo’s small diaper bag for yaya (as seen here).
  • Organizing our sets of keys at home (as seen here).
  • Preparing our utilities binder.

I’m on the next step of setting up our filing system at home.  The Family Command Center is basically the spot where the mail, bills, etc. land.  But after they’re paid, where and how do I file them?  (My dad also said it’s best to keep all papers in the 2nd floor of our house).  So I’ve been reading up about it – not just how to set up a filing system, but which kinds of documents should be kept for a year, 3 years, indefinitely, etc.  And I’m not done with keys organization yet either.  I shall continue to tackle these mini projects this week (which shall be another full work week of mostly writing)!