Organizing our sets of keys at home has been something I’ve procrastinated on for the longest time.  Even in our old house our keys were big messy bundles.  My dad consistently gives me a complete set, all neatly labeled, first for the old house, and now for this new place.  But it always took me forever to have them duplicated, and I never got around to actually sorting them.  Our household help obviously need access to some house keys, of course, but my mistake then was that I left the whole bunch of keys hanging for anyone and everyone to use (my dad would have killed me).

There were also so many keys that weren’t labeled (from both the old and new house), keys for broken padlocks, and even keys which I didn’t know went with which lock or door!  The keys for both houses were all mixed up too (in my old yucky bowl of keys remember?).

Since I’ve tackled the Family Command Center, organizing our keys was naturally next on my to-do list.  This time, I segregated the keys and duplicated copies for the help only for those entries where they really need access to – like the car gate, or front gate, mail box, etc.  And there’s only 1 set of keys available to the help (it’s not like they each get their own sets).


Tools for key organization

I’m going to do  the duplicating and labeling in stages: front part of the house, back and ground floor, then 2nd floor.  (Ang mahal pala magpa-duplicate noh?!  Lalo na if madami!  Ayan, I am now the proud owner of a Mr. Quickie suki card, hahaha).

After duplicating, I set about labeling and organizing my first sets of keys.  The key tags, plain key caps, and printed key caps are all from True Value in Robinson’s Magnolia.  The key clips, and chain, which I wanted to use in lieu of key chains, are all from a kiosk right outside True Value.  And while not pictured, I also brought out my trusty old Dymo labeler because the tape is plastic-coated and will hold up better in case of rain and things.

Those clips with 3 rings (as seen in the 1st photo) are especially useful for our house – you basically go through 3 gates to enter (it sounds like a dungeon, but I actually feel safer that way, thanks to my dad), and the 3 rings help keep everything sorted nicely. For the hooks in the Family Command Center, I used only black key clips and lanyards so everything will look neat and monochromatic, hehe.  I’m hitting the mall this weekend to get the next set of keys duplicated.  I’ll also hang up a key rack in my bedroom for those bedroom and other room keys that yaya et al. do not need to have access to naman.


I was very happy with how this little project went.  I used to collect cute key chains and normally can’t resist buying them, but for the house keys for everyone to use, I’m keeping everything simple and practical!

For more colorful and artsy key organization, you can check out Clean and Scentsible’s post where she used bright colored key caps with cut-outs for labels (I love what she did but I couldn’t find key caps like that here and I’m in my I-hate-color phase, haha) and my idol iHeartOrganizing’s post where her guest bloggers used nail polish to paint and organize their keys.