MASTER’S BATHROOM: Decanting Toiletries

To my dad, if you are reading this, I’m sorry, but the 2nd floor bathroom (i.e. the Master’s Bath now) is the one and only thing I hate in this house!  It’s covered in these mustard yellow tiles that I absolutely cannot stand.  I actually asked my father for permission to re-do the bathroom, but they wanted me to move in right away, and said that it was too expensive and labor-intensive.  I cannot for the life of me figure out what color scheme to work with – yellow and black would work maybe if it were a brighter, happier yellow, not this dull mustard.

So even though the Master’s Bathroom isn’t at the top of my priorities for the house, I couldn’t help tweaking it here and there.  A new trash bin first, then a laundry hamper, and now I decided to do something about the toiletries.


Oh, I like pretty packaging as much as the next gal, and I don’t mind leaving those out, but I never bother spending on products that I wipe or wash off, especially for skincare.  It’s drugstore all the way in that department, and most drugstore labels are not pretty!!!  And some labels are printed or stamped or whatever, so I couldn’t peel them off.  Enter my bastion: Muji!


I bought the facial soap for the container – you can unscrew the top and it has a nice fat opening there where I could easily pop in my Olay cleanser and squeeze in the product.   That container is perfect for decanting – no spills whatsoever.  Once the Muji soap runs out, I’ll just refill it with whatever drugstore cleanser I am using – as long as it’s white!  I’m still dreaming of white tiles, Papa, for that tiny banyo!!!

Mild cleansing foam tube/facial soap (Php 325), and Refill bottle with pump (Php 315), both from Muji.