MEAL PLANNING: Working on my Menu Boards and Other Ideas

lunchbox planner

I’ve been working on my menu boards every spare time I get.  I started with Laz’s lunch box planner (drawing inspiration from this blog).  It’s been a bit of a challenge, to say the least.

#1 – I couldn’t find a white board with nicer frames, and ended up with these from Office Warehouse which clearly look extremely “office-y” – aluminum frame with black rubber corners and all.

#2 – I measured and made my grid with washi tape (the turquoise tape is from Common Ground).  I also tried to dress up the aluminum frame by wrapping it in brown masking tape (from Muji; the label says it’s masking tape but it works like washi).

#3 – I used some black print washi tape (also from Common Ground) for contrast.  At this point, I was not liking the now brown frames.  It actually reminded me of my wedding colors (chocolate brown and tiffany blue), but it somehow struck me as a tad too country or cozy.

I then decided to shortcut the process and skip the whole printing the meal cards, laminating them, and sticking magnets on them (as inspired by this blog).  I made do with sticker paper and art paper, and good old-fashioned handwritten labels using colored laundry markers… It did not turn out well:


I think it looks terrible.  I’m not happy with it at all.  It looks messy and mediocre.

I used sticker paper and stamp pads for the days of the week.  And I originally just got laundry markers to use on days when I buy Laz something to pack which isn’t among my pre-typed lunch box items.  I just used art paper and stuck them on with tape.  A day after, they started dropping and the markers fading.  I thought I might try with finer tip whiteboard markers, but I couldn’t find any which weren’t just black or red or blue in both National Bookstore and Office Warehouse.  (The brand I got is Stabilo, because they have more color options, but the quality isn’t great; too watery).

So I succumbed and finally ordered magnets from Magnet Manila.  Soon as I checked out my shopping cart there, boom, they sent me a text with their address for pick up of my magnet strips and sheets.

I just need to pick up my magnets.  Then the hard part for me now is printing out, cutting, and laminating the meals.  And come to think of it, I have yet to find out if the Magnet Manila magnets will work for my board (they may be too heavy duty?  Or not enough like the stupid magnet sheets I got from National).

For the family’s menu board, I’m just sticking to simple but bold black whiteboard markers and washi tape!   I shall only do this whole magnetized menu board for Laz’s lunch box planner because there are far less meals involved!

After some research and several phone calls, I also now know where to put my Grocery List binder and whiteboard markers and eraser for my menu board (or meal cards when I finally get around to doing them).  I discovered the Fintorp series from Ikea.  I first spotted them in Mobler Philippines‘ IG account:


I plan to mount that rail beneath the menu board behind our back door.  I forgot to reserve them after I called Mobler; on the day I was scheduled to go there, and after ringing them again, I found out that the short rail had already been sold.  Luckily, they have the short rail in Furniture Source (much cheaper too), so I ended up buying that and the hooks there.  I ordered the condiment stand from Furniture Source too but it will take about a month.  But I have a feeling it will be cheaper than Mobler, so I’ll just wait for that.  Ang gulo!  But what can I do, there’s no Ikea here for starter-home slash college-dorm products except for those 2 stores!


Mobler Philippines prices for Fintorp L-R: condiment stand Php 1,200; hooks Php 295 for set of 4; short rail Php 895 (longer one is Php 995); cutlery pail Php 600.  In Furniture Source though, the short rail only costs Php 500++.

I plan to get the condiment bucket thingy, not the cutlery pail, on a short rail (like that photo with plants above), because I don’t want too much stuff crowding my back door.

*All Fintorp images above are from Ikea.