SHIFTING PRIORITIES (For projects at home)

Based on my original schedule for projects to tackle around the house, I thought I’d move on to the living room, then the kids’ ground floor bedroom, after I wrap up the Family Command Center and Meal Planning.  But as it turns out, it appears that I really need to tackle my eldest son Laz’s bedroom next.


Laz’s Bedroom

I thought at first that that little bedroom on the 2nd floor was a room I’d focus on after a t least a year or so, because my 2 boys sleep in my room (mostly to save up on the air-conditioning costs, and because we’ve been doing co-sleeping since day 1).  But I noticed that every day I seem to be finding more and more toys and books and gadgets in the Master’s Bedroom.  Laz doesn’t have much of a choice as to where to stow his stuff and where he can play because I haven’t set up a bedroom for him.  The result is that the Master’s Bedroom is now constantly a mess.

I also realized that Laz needs his own space – he has actually been playing in his little bedroom the past weeks.  He asked his yaya to bring up an electric fan there and he’s been playing on the floor and storing some of his toys there away from his little brother.  But since I still have boxes in his room, Laz hasn’t been able to use his cabinets or cupboards for his own things.

Alo and Baby Boy No. 3 will end up sharing the room downstairs – they’ll be closer in age, after all, and need the yaya there – but Laz is at least 5 years older, only depends on yaya for meals, and I think has been wanting some privacy.  He even asked for a lock for one the cabinets in his bedroom because Alo keeps messing with his toys.

My parents left behind a single bed which Laz can use.  But I’ve been thinking of putting a double or a queen there (my old bed) so the boys and yaya can bunk together on nights when I get home late.  It will most likely be the room where we’ll install our smaller A/C unit, so it makes sense to have all the boys sleep there together at night (like those Swedish kids I read about in my Astrid Lindgren books).  I don’t plan on having an A/C unit installed in the ground floor bedroom any time soon, so this will also be more economical for me.  However, this translates to a new bed for the Master’s Bedroom.  Been meaning to get a king size, but I didn’t think I had to prioritize this within this year.

It’s a tiny room, but I’ve seen photos online of big beds in small bedrooms, and I’m kind of liking the look.  I’ve measured the remaining free walls, and Laz will still have space for a desk and even a side table, and enough floor space to play on.  Thankfully, my dad already had overhead book cases installed, so storage won’t be a problem anymore.  I have a bucket list of items I’m dreaming of getting for Laz’s bedroom (with my to-do list):

  • Have Mang Ariel paint the supporting plyboard base I had made in royal blue or red;
  • Get a wooden side table.  (The Skywalker side table from Space Encounters, at Php 10,500.00, measures at 19″ width, 14″ depth, and 25″ height.  The wall between where the bed will be and the bedroom door measures 27″ so the side table should fit.  It’s an investment, for sure, but I want Laz to be able to take that side table with him even when he moves out someday.  Plus, he’s a Star Wars nut and the table looks like an AT-AT).
  • Get a white desk.  (The free wall under the windows measures 43″.  I spotted the Linmon/Adils white table in Furniture Source Phils.IG account, and checked Ikea for size: it’s 39 3/8″ length, 23 5/8″ width, and 29 1/8″ height.  Those measurements are for the 100 x 60 cm size Linmon/Adils table, which are being sold for Php 2,800 by Furniture Source.  That’s just the table, but if you want to have the Linmon/Alex, which includes a drawer unit, the whole thing costs Php 8,500 with Furniture Source for the size 100 x 60 cm set.  I like the all-white and the birch and white Alex units.  Pero mahal rin noh?  Tapos Ikea prices abroad are cheaper.  When will Ikea arrive in our shores ba???).
  • Get a black and white print rug.  I found these inexpensive ones in H&M Home in Magnolia:



SPOTTED (summary of Shopping References for Laz’s Bedroom): Space Encounters for a side table, Furniture Source for Ikea table and drawers, Dimensione for an accent red chair (if it still fits), and H&M Home in Magnolia for a rug.

Living Room

Need/To Do:

  • Take measurements for foam, and bring to Uratex to order and customize the foam for the sofa and armchairs.  Done with measuring.  Just changing the sandalan.  All 3 cushions total 66″ length.  One sandalan cushion should be 17″ in height.
  • Get tela in Kamuning for the seat covers (or maybe Larry’s as suggested by Gwenn?), and place orders (my driver found someone in the market near our house)
  • Get a new white coffee table.  Eyeing this one from Urban Concepts (Php 7,500.00).  I really like it but I’m still checking for a cheaper alternative before I bite the bullet.
  • Figure out storage for curtains and extra seat covers.  Check Tiendesitas for an inlaid chest.
  • New rug!  I like a navy blue printed rug from Furniture Source but I am also considering a bamboo matt from Mandaue Foam, so it’s less high maintenance.

Extras: strip the shiny varnish from the narra living room set as suggested by my mother

Kids’ Ground Floor Bedroom


  • Get a bunk bed
  • 2 new fans – one standing, one wall mounted
  • Replace dresser or paint the old one (but it’s just laminate, not wood, so I have to figure out how to do that)
  • New beddings, mattress, and pillows for the new beds
  • Print charts for kids’ clothing inventory to guide yaya – DONE (07.11.16)
  • Mount the corkboard for the kids’ inventories
  • Replace the laundry hampers
  • Bed rails for the bunk bed

Extras: change the bins in their closets, get a rug or playmat

And, while not tackling the entire room, we do urgently need the following:

  • Slim laundry hamper for Master’s Bathroom. – DONE.  (Discovered the Skinny Can and now use it as a hamper for my teeny tiny bathroom.  06.23.16)
  • Laundry hampers for upstairs
  • Hook for the stroller in the Laundry Room
  • Handles for the overhead cabinet in the Master’s Bathroom and the help’s cabinet in the Laundry Room. – DONE (by Jeff on 07.02.16 and 07.08.16)
  • New electric fan for the Dining Room
  • Baskets or containers for the console table in the Dining Room
  • Change the pinlight in the Master’s Bedroom


  • Found decent rubber play mats for little kids in Mothercare (but have to place an order because they were out of stock in Shang) and in Ace Hardware in SM Marikina (plain brown, plain black).  I have to baby-proof the place before Baby Boy No. 3 arrives!!!

*My previous projects to-do list here*