PEGS: Meal Planning

This past week, my objective was not to spend a single centavo on household projects.  Tackling the tasks instead of the “to buy” lists, and I’ve been focusing on the planning stage – I’m trying to draw up my meal plan or menu board.  (It’s just been me, pen and paper, and good old MS Excel).


My biggest challenge in meal planning is that we actually have THREE (yes, 3!) menus going on simultaneously.  We do not eat the same food as our help, is why.  I know this is more convenient, but I don’t like Pinoy meals every day for every single meal, and I sometimes subsist on just bread or sandwiches.  The help, on the other hand, need their twice a day rice meals, at least.  Then there is Laz who is extremely picky, and just flat out refuses to eat real food.  So he has a very fixed, and very limited, set of dishes he will eat too.

I also have to keep making allowances for leftovers and when we eat out or have food delivered, so try as I might, I’m beginning to think those printed meal magnets will not work for my family. (Understand that eating out in Manila is much cheaper than eating out in the U.S. of A.).

Nevertheless!  I still really like, and keep going back, to Forever Organised‘s meal planning board:

I’ve often reviewed Forever Organised’s entire meal planning archives, particularly her “10 Tips for Meal Planning Like a Pro”, “Meal Planning {Part 1}” where she shares how to make those recipe cards to stick to her menu plan board, and “Meal Planning {Part 2}”, where she shows us how she made the menu plan board itself.

do however intend to use a white board, and assuming I do end up making recipe cards, I like this local blogger Scissors & Synths – she has a post on how to make washi tape magnets, and I’ve saved it for future reference.  She got her magnet sheets from Ace Hardware.   I’ll probably end up adapting the process she used to make her washi tape magnets.

(I was overjoyed to find local bloggers who liked to DIY.  I’ll share their blogs in another post soon!).

I researched and found this site, Magnet Manila, that apparently sells all types of magnets.  They have magnet sheets and strips!  (I don’t know anyone who has ordered from them, so I couldn’t get feedback anywhere).

For planning out Laz’s menu, which consists of his breakfast, and packing his baon for merienda and lunch, I was really inspired by, and am trying to come up with something similar to, The Organised Housewife‘s lunch box planner:

Aside from her “Planning Food for Lunch Boxes” post,  I also like going over The Organised Housewife’s posts on “How to Meal Plan”, “How to Create a Weekly Meal Plan” and “How to Meal Plan + Meal Planner Printable” for template ideas.

*I’m going to file away all my home organization pegs and inspiration board/sites/etc. here because it’s clogging up my phone’s bookmarks.  Plus, sharing is caring, hehe.