FAMILY COMMAND CENTER: Bar Stool and a New Planner

I finally found the perfect bar stool for our Family Command Center (made up for my Dimensione boo-boo)!  I found some bar stools in Mandaue Foam online and went there last weekend to check them out – I was just going to do my research (i.e. browse and canvas) but I found this stool/chair which was just the right height for the command center (adjustable!), and in the cushy, tufted leather that I wanted.  So it came home with me.


The new bar stool with the old planner we were using – and them pesky cables!!!  I’m not cropping those cables from my pictures because seeing them pressures me to do something about them.

I was initially considering this red version from Urban Concepts, but I worried about the arm rests not fitting under the command center,  or jutting out awkwardly, and the store called several branches for me – they only had 1 left in red – the display unit!  I didn’t want to get that, of course, and while I wanted a pop of color for that nook, I was worried I might get tired of a red bar stool after a while.  A good thing I held off, too, because the bar stool in Mandaue turned out to be Php 1,000.00 cheaper.

It doesn’t show up much in my crappy phone photos, but the bar stool I finally got is a lovely chocolate brown color.  (I also noticed that the corner now looks very monochromatic, but I’m going to punch it up with smaller doses of color).


The household planner I made to replace the insurance company freebie.  I put the old notepad in the laundry room for the help to use, and there are blank sheets in that Household Calendar for notes and messages and things.  (Consolidating my paper clutter again).    Oh, and that’s where we put one of my new pet rocks from Resurrection when it’s not anchoring the binder cover.


Our new bar stool and new household planner together.

As with my mail pailkey rack, and letter organizer, I am very happy with my bar stool and it’s exactly what I need.  Don’t you love it when you find just the right piece for your house?   I’m mixing up the KonMarie method (as I yakked about here) and Melissa Michaels’ philosophy (as mentioned here) about loving your home – and every little thing in it!


L-R: just the right height (it has made my menu planning and bills sorting very comfortable); and my Alo checking out our command center updates on his tippy toes!