MEAL PLANNING: Homemade Planner


Here is our Household Calendar in the Family Command Center.  (The painted rock from Resurrection Furniture is to keep the binder flat, because the cover keeps lifting up).

In my last Family Command Center update, I shared how I detested the freebie planner and notepad I was using to write down our help’s menu and schedule.  I also couldn’t find a planner that suited my needs – I wanted something hardbound (because it’s going to be in a high traffic area at home), with a weekly calendar view.  It also needed to be a bit big, so yaya won’t have a hard time writing things down.  I eventually gave up my search and just decided to make my own household calendar/planner.


I made a weekly calendar template in MS Excel, with a front and back page.  I printed it out, cut them down to smaller than B5 size sheets, then glued them back to back on Muji lined B5 paper, because I wanted to use a B5 binder as well (I measured; it was just the right size for the ledge I use in the command center).  I used my brush pens to write down the days and months.  Then it was time to protect and decorate the binder.


1] I’ve heard of adhesive clear sheets from National before and have always meant to get one.  Finally got around to it!  They are apparently called “adhesive book covers” – I kept saying, yung plastic na may sticker sa likod to the guy in National, hahaha.

2] One sheet can fit one B5 Muji binder.

3] I used masking tapes to secure the edges of the adhesive cover on a wooden plank I had, so they wouldn’t curl up.  (I bought them rolled up).  Then I traced around the binder, leaving about an inch margin for all sides.

4] I cut the adhesive to size, then flattened the edges with the other end of my scissors.  I went over the front and back of the binder too with the scissors handle to remove air bubbles.


I just used 2 labels – for the Calendar and Notes (for help’s scribbles, instructions, and phone messages, if any).  Then I just decorated with washi tape to match my Grocery Lists.  For the cover, I just used stamps (also my 1st time to try these!), sticker paper and more washi tape.  I kept the outside of the binder clean, because I don’t like anything too colorful, hehe, so most of the washi tapes went inside.


Weekly lay out