Obsessed with dinosaurs

Last week Alo and I got to go to the park while waiting for Manong Laz at his tutor.  I don’t usually have afternoons off  (which is why we have the tutor for homework support for Laz), so I really appreciated the time outdoors with Alo.  We’ve been bonding most mornings (when I don’t have hearings) when Laz is in school and I’m really grateful for that.  Laz is usually very possessive (maybe because he was the only child for 5 years), and every time I try to engage Alo, Laz jumps up and worms his way in.  I’ve been trying to manage this better, and spending time with Alo in the mornings, just the 2 of us, really helped to bring us closer together.

Alo calls dinosaurs “Aray” because when he was a baby, and we’d read dinosaur books to him, we’d pretend to be bitten by the t-rex and say “aray, aray!”* Now the name has stuck.  Alo was also really obsessed with a stray kitten he found hidden in the bushes.  I wouldn’t let him come near it, but he kept going back every few minutes to check if the kitten was still there.


*”Aray” means “ouch”, in case you aren’t Pinoy, hehe.