SPOTTED: Chic Watering Cans

I keep cacti (like every other girl on Instagram, it seems), and I don’t let anyone else water them (yaya tends to drown them).  We have a garden in the new place, and I want to eventually fill the balcony with plants.  I spotted this sleek, architectural, sterling silver watering can in Tokyu Hands last year and, to this day, I keep kicking myself for not buying it.  I’ve been on the look out for chic watering cans since – I only see those ugly green plastic ones in hardware stores!!!

Well, the search ended in AC+632 in Greenbelt last weekend, hurrah!!!  My favorites are the silver ones, the snail-shaped one for Alo, and the pink can for downstairs.  Check them out:

IMG_7097IMG_7095IMG_7096I’m going to get that snail for Alo.  We’ve become a lot closer recently, and he likes to tag around after me when I’m puttering around the balcony or garden. I’m sure he’ll enjoy watering plants.

(Siiiigh.  Gardens and plants, too, on top of everything that keeps me busy at home.  I am so in love with our little house).