SCHOOL STATION: Wood Glue and Wooden Letters


It was my first time to work with wood glue and contact cement, teehee, newbie that I am in this whole DIY/crafting thing.  I got both from The DIY Shop.  The Elmer’s Carpenter’s Wood Glue is especially helpful because it has a flat spout and you can use it directly on the wood without a spatula or anything.  I used it to attach the wooden name letters from Papemelroti for Laz and Alo’s School Station.  (Papemelroti has them in different sizes, colors, and font).


1] Apply just a thin strip of the wood glue.  (In the photo above, I ended up using too much, and they spilled out of the sides of the letters.  I used wet wipes to wipe them off the cabinet).

2] I then measured the cabinet and marked it with a pencil, so the placement of the name letters on each cabinet door will be aligned.

3] I secured the letters with masking tape while the glue dried.

4] Voila!  So simple!

You can see the cabinet here.