Progress on our Family Command Center has been in stages – and not because I haven’t been working on it (obsessed, in fact), but because of some (OC) struggles along the way, like buying the wrong bar stool, not having anyone who can drill a hook onto the cement wall (Jeff didn’t know how to do it), and still not quite figuring out how to hide the awful wires and cables.  But there has indeed been progress at least, and I am determined to finish this corner before July ends.

This is how the command center looked for a while last June:


When we moved in last May, I didn’t have the file box and the letter holder, and our mail was piled high along with scattered office supplies, books, and all sorts of junk.  I cleared everything out, and got the file box and hanging folders from Muji, and the letter holder from Papemelroti.  The metal pencil jar I was already using for our “bills station” in the old house.  But, in spite of these tentative steps, you can see from above that I still have a looooot of work to do.


The bane of my existence.  The command center is right by the dining area, and I cringe every time I see that tangled mess when I sit down to eat!!!  My driver Jeff actually installed a hook somewhere under that wooden ledge, and it looks better when I loop everything around it.  But I’m still trying to figure out how else I can improve the situation (like getting a cordless phone – that’s one less cable to worry about – and maybe changing some of the cables to white ones so they’d blend with the wall somewhat).

And remember that bar stool I was so happy about?  Mega FAIL!  Stupid me, I didn’t bother to measure the height of the wooden ledge from the floor.  The bar stool turned out to be too tall!


Impossible to sit on while working in my nook.  But at least Alo liked it.

So it was back to square one.  I needed a bar stool I can actually sit on while working in the command center, because it functions as a desk where I do my menu planning and where I write out slips and stuff for bills payment.  I also realized that while I had a file box to file all paid bills, I didn’t have anything to keep action documents (pending bills for payment, envelopes with instructions to Jeff for bank or bayad center runs).  I still haven’t gone paperless with my bills because I like to file our bills for the last 3 years.


I’m going to miss that little boy letter holder.  He so reminds me of my Alo with that mischievous look on his face.  (Those envelopes are from the H’s bills by the way – I still don’t have a credit card, ugh!)

I swapped out my Papemelroti little boy for this wooden organizer I ordered from C&C. It’s actually a gadget charging station/organizer (with holes front and back where the cables can pass through), but I liked it so much and ordered it to use as a mail organizer.  (I also wanted something warm in wood, to contrast with my utilitarian file box).  So while the bar stool was a fail, at least my file box and mail organizer (including the mail pail I ordered from Domesticity) were all perfect for the space.

I should write about C&C some time too.  It’s another local store, and they’ve been great to transact with.  They have baskets and pretty throw pillow covers.

Aside from finding the right bar stool, and the tangled nest of cables, another thing that kept bothering me about that nook is the planner.  The one we’re using is one of those insurance company freebies, and the notepad is a company freebie too!  Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing the rest of our Family Command Center updates within the next couple of weeks!