MEAL PLANNING: Grocery List templates


Handmade grocery list templates

I finally got around to making our templates for grocery shopping.  I’ve been meaning to make a project out of this for years.  I wanted a printed checklist because we have a pretty limited menu at home, and have staples that we buy every time I go grocery shopping.  Every 2 weeks, we (the yaya and I) end up writing and re-writing basically the same list.  And it’s always on little slips of paper that I keep losing or misplacing.   I tried doing a grocery notebook before – just a blank notebook where I write down the items we need to buy in the supermarket.  But I soon grow weary of writing down almost identical items every fortnight.


Back part of my Grocery List template

I sat down and typed down our staples, separated by categories, like Cleaning & Laundry, Breakfast Food, Drinks, Toiletries, Kids & Baby Needs.  Since I didn’t want to spend a single centavo on this project, I decided to use a Muji binder I already have because it was small (size A5).  And since I am such a noob with formatting stuff in the computer, I printed everything, and manually measured and cut my letter size paper to size A5.  Plus, instead of printing the lists back to back, I actually printed them on separate sheets, did some more measuring and cutting, and glued them together.

I admire those moms who can design templates and share their printables online, but I just don’t know how to do that!  (And even if I did, I would have to have it professionally printed, which I didn’t want to do since I didn’t want to spend anything.) Hence, my humble lists are all entirely handmade (except for the printed lists themselves) with materials I already have on hand.  It’s more labor-intensive, for sure, and can I just say it took me 2 days!!!  A lot of measuring involved, too, plus I cut and put the washi tapes, hand-printed the dates, and drew the lines with colored pencils!   Phew!  I KNOW, it was quite a lot of work.  But I enjoyed every minute of it.  TEEHEE.


Entire front page sample, on size A5.  (It looks bigger in the photos, but it’s actually quite small).

I used masking tape throughout, to keep the pages together when I cut or punched holes, and to trace the A5 sample paper I used from Muji.  And yes, I even had to manually punch all the holes, graaaaaaabe.  At this rate, I figure I better start preparing my 2017 grocery lists come October or something.  (It’s 2 lists per month, and each list consists of 3 pages!).  I have a 3rd page, which is the shopping list for meals I decided for that fortnight, but that list is entirely handwritten.  I’ll share it when I do the updates on the Family Command Center (all meal planning materials will be kept there!).