Hew year, new wing! | 06 June 2016

New year, new wing! | 06 June 2016

We’re a month into 2nd Grade.  I still can’t believe my eldest baby is in second grade!!!  We visited his new classroom before school started last summer so Laz would know where to go.  We used his old school stroller since it was in great condition (thank God, too, less gastos), and are still due to replace his old lunchbox and drinking flask.  He got new black shoes and new pants.  (He still fits into his polos).  I got the pants made in Topper’s along Katipunan.  I’m happy with how they turned out because the pants the school sells runs too wide in the leg, ugh.  His old sneakers still fit, too, barely, and we’re due for new sneakers for P.E. as well.

Laz started 1st Grade very nervous, and he was pretty anxious and stressed the first two months or so, adjusting to a big school and all.  He kept worrying about his teachers, that they were too strict, there were so many rules, etc.  His teacher at the time reported that he finally seemed to relax and enjoy being with his friends come 2nd Quarter.

This year, though, Laz started Grade 2 filled with confidence.  They were no longer the runts of the school, and he had 4 other classmates from his old section.  He still sees his old classmates in the hallways (and on weekends sometimes too), and has made new friends.  He also doesn’t get too stressed about his homework anymore, although he is still a stickler about coming to school early. Plus, we’re still dealing with the picky eating!  Such a challenge especially since he packs food for recess and lunch now (we didn’t bother with the meal card; I saw the menu, Laz doesn’t eat a single dish there).

We also have a new co-parent group over at Viber, and while this section’s co-parents aren’t as tight (yet) as our 1-Magala(ng) family, I’m happy to report that, so far, our 2nd Grade co-parents seem to be an equally nice and very helpful group.  2nd Grade is off to a good start!


The courtyard in the 2nd Grade wing.  Those are all Grade 2 classrooms lined up left and right.  Unlike the 1st Grade wing, where there’s a big playground in the courtyard, the 2nd Graders have this field, a mini soccer field, and off to one end, basketball courts.  The 2nd Graders are all morning sections too, unlike in first grade where they had afternoon sections.

  L-R: still looking a bit sleepy when I brought him to school on the 1st day of class; naturally, the paranoid mother that I am, I stayed and waited for Laz to finish on the first day (had breakfast with my dear 1-Magala[ng] co-parents in Rosemarie’s!).


After school! Unlike the other boys, he wasn’t too sweaty, hahaha. Laz lucked out and ended up in the single air-conditioned classroom for his grade, yay! (Oh and excuse the fuzzy bits in the photos – I had to remove the identifying marks in Laz’s uniforms and school crest somewhat, para may konting protection naman from internet predators!)  |   08 June 2016