MASTER’S BEDROOM: Wire Basket Fail (and Some Updates)


During the start of the month I was able to work on the bookshelves in the Master’s Bedroom. Just a few pieces and updates here and there.  Nothing really major because, like I said before, I really needed to focus on other areas at home.  My 2 main goals for the bookshelves were to find containers to hide the cables and to install locks for my supply cabinet.  And since they broke down, I apparently need to get new speakers for the TV too.  Since this corner is the first project I’ve undertaken in this new house, I figured I’d provide a little update:

Master’s Bedroom – Bookshelves To-Do List:

  1. Need black print boxes and white or natural wood picture frame
  2. Look for the AT-AT that Papa built – I’ve sorted most of the house and I still can’t find it!!!
  3. Repair or replace the old globe
  4. Replace little bookstore box
  5. Hang a small print and a letter A beside the TV
  6. Replace Wilbur with a more colorful piggy bank or container
  7. Get rid of my Country Living magazines and replace with hardbound books I truly love – done!  (Though apart from the Sherlock Holmes book, now I’m also lemming for The Kinfolk Home which I spotted in Fully Booked Katipunan).
  8. Install locks for cabinet – done!
  9. Need a square wire basket and a square woven basket to hide cables – H&M round black basket, fail!  Spotted silver square metal baskets over at Flying Dutchman in U.P. Town, will have to measure those and check.
  10. Replace the kids’ toy bins
  11. Replace that darn electric fan
  12. Replace my adapter for something slimmer – so simple and yet I still haven’t gotten around to doing this, ugh
  13. Get new speakers for the TV

Hardly any progress!  Yikes.  But I’ve been working on our School Station and Family Command Center so work on the Master’s Bedroom has taken a backseat!!  (Defensive ever).

Unfortunately, the wire baskets in H&M Home did not work out.  The square ones were too small for the space, so I was left with just the round ones, which kind of looked awkward.  Worse, I wanted to get the large silver round wire basket, but the last piece in stock was all rusty and chipped.


It looks terrible.  The black basket looks just awful with the black dvd players and cables.  I need contrast, and another basket to block the cables from view!!!  I even tried getting pillow covers from H&M to line the baskets because I wanted some grey in that space, but as you can see, it didn’t work out either.

Hmph.  I can use the throw pillow covers because I actually like them and got them for a steal at Php 299 each from H&M Home in Magnolia.  But that darn basket costs Php 899.  I have to figure out what to do with it now.


At least I got to secure my supply cabinet (thanks to our driver).  It’s not pretty, but so necessary for me.  At least I can be happy about that little detail!