Day 2 of our weekend getaway!  |  25 June 2016 

The kids and I made the most of our 2nd (and last!) day in Azumi.  Amanda and I tried the breakfast buffet in Romulo’s, then it was off to swim for the whole morning again with the kiddos.  We opted for late check out, and while the kids napped, I nipped down for a mani-pedi at Nail Spa.  (It’s my favorite nail salon; I was overjoyed to find a branch right there in Azumi).  Then it was off to ATC for a late lunch, dessert, and to meet up with Patricia.


An incredibly yummy waffle-donut from Milkbox in ATC


There’s Laz floating on his back.  I’m still constantly amazed at how good he’s gotten at swimming, and how confident he is now in the water!



Squeezed in some downtime (this birthday has been all about the kids!)


Top row: at breakfast; kids’ dad drove down again to be with them; really enjoyed the pool area          2nd row: tile wall art; part of the view from our balcony; cushy interiors in Nail Spa         Bottom row: still in the nail salon; the boys in the lift, heading down for check out; gifts from Patricia!


Yabang namin offering to buy Pat lunch when we ended up feeding her Burger King! Hahaha.  Sorry, Pat!  But Laz was starving.  Mr. Picky only had chicharon and rice the night before, and popcorn for breakfast.  He loves that 4-cheese whopper in BK, and it’s always the dickens finding something for him to eat, so it was burgers for everybodeeeee. 

We went strolling around the mall after lunch and dessert.  Alo somehow charmed his Ninang Pat to get him a toy car.  Thank you Patricia!  And for dessert and for spending time with us!!!


Giving his godmother a kiss!