2 little boys in a charming little boutique hotel  |  24 June 2016 (in Azumi)

My parents (the sweetest ever) made sure I’d get to celebrate my birthday even if they’re still out of the country themselves.  They left money with my sister so she and I and my boys could go on staycation – we picked Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang because I saw pictures of their rooftop pool!  And since Alabang is soooo far from where we live, going there always feels like we’re going out of town, hahaha.

We waited for Laz to get home from school and, with the distance and traffic and all, got to check in at 4:30 p.m.  (My sister brought me a birthday cake – thank you, dear sister!)

Azumi is a delight! It’s a charming hotel – there’s a Romulo’s Cafe and a Nail Spa downstairs, and the decors for both places blended seamlessly with the cute hotel lobby (you can access both the restaurant and the nail salon from the lobby).



Laz and I enjoying the view at dusk | Photo by Amanda

The room itself was modern but small.  Limited toiletries, but the goodies in the room bar were all convenience store prices!  No hot water in our room, would you believe (in spite of the really nice shower), so that’s another con.  Overall though, I’d go back because the place is pretty, the location is fantastic (you can walk to Molito and even to ATC if  you want to), the service was excellent, and the pool really was the draw for the kids and I.   The hotel is right off the entrance of the Madrigal Business Park in a pretty street lined with fire trees.


The kids (and Amanda) dove right into the pool as soon as we settled in.  The pool is not heated, but considering it was going on night time when we went swimming, the water was still nice and warm. 

It gets traffic pala in Alabang noh?  We saw the cars from the hotel window and since it was drizzling, we decided to just have my birthday dinner in Romulo’s downstairs.

We had pinaputok na pla pla, pork humba, aligue prawns, baked lemongrass chicken, and ginataang sigarilyas.   Poor picky Laz had chicharon with rice.  We also forgot my birthday cake at home so they got me a small cake from Romulo’s.  Thank you, family!


My loves enjoyed the mini cake!

The boys’ dad drove to Alabang to join us for dinner.  Afterwards, we checked out the pool and had coffee and tea at a small Romulo’s cafe/lounge they have up there.  Pool looked so pretty, lit up in blue.  There were quite a number of people swimming, too.  I really intend to go back – I have to try the night swimming in Azumi!


The rooftop lounge is nice, but those chairs are darn uncomfortable, haha.  (I don’t have a photo, but even the elevators were lined with turf.  It was like going up in a greenhouse).

Every time I post (on IG) that I’m in the South, my friends from there always make it a point to come visit us at our hotel.  (This is great because these people live so far from me so I’m grateful that they take advantage of our being there!).  That night, my dear Pamee, Nyengster, and godson Racer visited, and we had a lovely long chat.

Feeling donya on that couch in the lobby!  I wanted to bring it home!!!  (Thank you for visiting, Dal!)