SNEAK PEEK: Home Goods! 


It’s 4 o’clock in the morning, and I’ve just finished a Comment/Opposition to a Motion for Reconsideration and an executive summary for a client.  I also attended a hearing in Taguig yesterday morning, went to a meeting in Manila, waited in Magnolia for Laz, and wrote my pleading for the rest of the night.  But!  Boring lawyer stuff aside, I just need to squeeze in a little preview of my hauls for the day.  I love Robinson’s Magnolia because all the home stores I like are there – Make Room, Dimensione, Gourdo’s, True Value, True Home, Muji, H&M Home, and even Arq Living.

I am just giddy as can be because I have some happy, lucky finds!  Imagine, I just posted my list of need-to-do and extras for rooms and corners in the house, and bingo, I actually found some need-to-do-or-get right there in Magnolia!  (And a few extras.  Muji will be the death of me).  I was able to check off some biggies in my list – and encountered another epic fail!  Haha.  My 2nd, actually, with this house.  I’ll tell you all about it, plus the hauls and updates, soon soon soon.  Right now I have to sleep! (Giddy, but sleeeeepeeeee).