* updates in this post: Shifting Priorities (for projects at home)” *


I just really want a stepladder for my birthday (taken in Wilcon Libis)

Initially, I thought I’d focus on one corner at a time, or one project at home, before I move on to another area.  It started with the Master’s Bedroom, but like I shared in this post, I needed to set it up, make sure it at least looks nice (if not exactly pretty) and that it’s completely functional, then I needed to move on to other corners of the house.  We’ve only just moved in, after all, and I know these things take months.  There were also some other corners in the house that urgently needed my attention, lest I get buried under piles of paper, and because these are either high traffic areas or necessary for the business of day-to-day life with the kids!

Right now, the most urgent corners that need my attention are the kids’ Homework Station and our Family Command Center at home (i.e. the place where we keep our telephone, bills, mail, and daily menu).  I also found myself focusing on areas that are not too daunting (in terms of decorating or organization), to keep myself motivated, like our living room and dining area.

I also initially struggled with wishlists and dream items.  I wanted this couch for this room, this side table, this centerpiece, etc.  Aside from the obvious challenge there – expenses! – it also wasn’t realistic, because I needed to organize our home right now, and hopefully make it nice and relaxing enough for the kids.  There’s a book I want to get, called Love the Home you Have.  I read about it in some home and decor blogs I’ve recently discovered, and it’s all about falling in love with your home and delighting in where you live right now.

Without having actually read the book, I realized I have been focusing on falling in love with our home right now.  It’s smaller than our old house, but I think of the size as an advantage, and a challenge for me to really conquer every nook and cranny of this home.  So I put my pins and pegs and inspiration boards for my dream house aside, and tackled our current little nest with much zeal and gusto.  (I’ll be sharing those pegs here, so I won’t lose them in the future).  Come to think of it, my mother has been trying to teach me for years to fall in love with whatever current home I had.

Rooms/Corners that urgently need my attention:

School Station – Essentially finished as of 04 July 2016!

I am happy to report that my school station is more or less done!  Hurray!  Just need another bin to stow all the artwork and seatwork Laz accumulates throughout the school year (that bin will go inside the cabinet), and some office supplies.  But basically, we are all set and we’ve been using our Homework Station.  It works out beautifully!  Plus there’s space for Laz’s school stroller, so our driver and the yaya know where to stow his bag (no more lying around in the living room like before!). – DONE DONE DONE!

But since theses projects are never ending, I still need:

  • Plastic bin for Laz’s artwork and seatwork, to stow inside the cabinet.  (I want plastic because I worry about flooding.  Need to measure cabinet space, and check True Value and other hardware stores for slim Sterilite bins or maybe something with wheels).
  • Office supplies from Muji and National Bookstore
  • Contact cement or rugby to glue on the Papemelroti name letters on the cabinet doors
  • Corkboard (either a huge one to hang on the wall behind our school cabinet, or small ones, 1 per kid).

That’s it!  Manageable, right?  The plastic bin isn’t even all that urgent – as long as I get it before the 1st Quarter ends, because that’s when the school sends home all old seatwork and artwork.

My next set of things to get/do for the homework station are mostly aesthetics: maybe acrylic frames from Muji to display school photos, and a wire basket or clipboard for Laz’s PAL notebook and current artwork, a nicer bin or tray for the school supplies inside, maybe decorate the filing drawer system with washi tape?

Family Command Center

I’ve learned my lesson in our previous homes, you see.  If I don’t conquer our mail and establish that filing system I’ve been planning for years, I will literally drown in our paperwork.  I also need to sit down and finally figure out our menu planning for the household (I hate grocery shopping, can you believe it?).  This command center is such a small nook in the house but it’s so freakin’ essential for running the household.

Need to do/get:

  • Wall hooks for our keys!  This is tougher than it sounds because I need Mang Ariel to drill holes into the cement wall.  Eh ang hirap niya hagilapin recently! – DONE. (From Resurrection Furniture. 07.03.)
  • Figure out how to hide all the DSL and phone cables
  • Replace most, if not all, of the telephone wires and cables to white
  • Replace the telephone (white or something lighter colored)
  • Get a waste basket – DONE.  (Got another Skinny Can from Dimensione. 07.10.16)
  • Replace the hand-me-down chair from Mama with a bar stool – DONE. (Found the perfect bar stool from Mandaue Foam. 07.02.16)
  • Mount white board for family meals behind kitchen door, and a little chart for Laz’s weekly lunch baon.  I have a household planner where I write down the help’s menu and where our driver jots down his time in and time out schedule daily.  As much as I love those menu boards I see in organization blogs, I need my planner.  I also make our help jot down things like when we bought Gasul, rice, etc. in there.
  • Get a small tape dispenser and other office supplies (pen, Sharpie, extra staples, binder clips)

Extras: replace the print that hides the router (I use a sweet little print sent by my brother and Mary, but I need something taller), get a nicer pencil jar.

I also have to integrate my mini filing system in the Family Command Center with my main filing system in the Study Room:


Kids’ Ground Floor Bedroom

This is a bit major, but Alo naps there during the daytime and that’s where I have the yaya sleep right now while the kiddos are young.  Right now, the bed mattress is on the floor, the single bed still hasn’t been assembled, and there’s a pile of stuff Mama cleared out when they moved out.  This is also the room where the kids have their bathroom and where they keep their clothes.  I’ve at least finished organizing their closets, with makeshift bins I already have at home (shop your own home, they say), so nothing urgent in that department.  It’s the bed situation that’s the most pressing thing.


  • Get a bunk bed
  • 2 new fans – one standing, one wall mounted
  • Replace dresser or paint the old one (but it’s just laminate, not wood, so I have to figure out how to do that)
  • New beddings, mattress, and pillows for the new beds
  • Print charts for kids’ clothing inventory to guide yaya
  • Replace the laundry hampers
  • Bed rails for the bunk bed

Living Room

Honestly, this should be at the bottom of my priorities, because (unlike in the old house) no one hangs around the living room anymore – the kids and yaya converge in the lanai.  But it’s the first thing I see when I enter the house or head down the stairs, and my poor sofa set (a hand-me-down from my folks) have been looking sad and tattered for years.  I contemplated getting a new couch for a long time, but, in the end, until we move away to a completely flood-proof home, I figured it wasn’t worth the investment.  I need sturdy stuff for the ground floor, and the sala set I inherited is good hard wood.  So, I decided to just work around it and save my dream couches for my dream home some day (I’m looking at you and you).

The living room organization and decoration goals that I have are not too daunting, and it’s one of the areas that I’ve been focusing on to keep motivated, because I haven’t had a decent living room in years, and already I get giddy at the thought of having a presentable one!  I’ve found someone to do my seat covers, contacted Uratex for new foam sandalans, have scouted for coffee tables, etc.

Need/To Do:

  • Take measurements for foam, and bring to Uratex to order and customize the foam for the sofa and armchairs
  • Get tela in Kamuning for the seat covers, and place orders (my driver found someone in the market near our house)
  • Get a new white coffee table
  • Figure out storage for curtains and extra seat covers.  Check Tiendesitas for an inlaid chest.
  • New rug!

Some stuff I want and that will help simplify my life:

And, while not tackling the entire room, we do urgently need the following:

  • Slim laundry hamper for Master’s Bathroom
  • Laundry hampers for upstairs
  • Hook for the stroller in the Laundry Room
  • Handles for the overhead cabinet in the Master’s Bathroom and the help’s cabinet in the Laundry Room
  • New electric fan for the Dining Room
  • Baskets for the console table in the Dining Room
  • Change the pinlight in the Master’s Bedroom


Rooms/Corners that are okay for now, and just need some tweaking (and replacing existing furniture or decor with upgrades in the future):

Study Room

Lanai/Play Room

Kids’ 2nd Floor Bedroom

Master’s Bedroom

Kids’ Bathroom and Master’s Bathroom

Master’s Closet Room/Walk-In Closet

Laundry Room