TOY ORGANIZATION: Jute String for Tags


I just wanted to report – I did find my “plain brown baker’s twine” in U.P. Town!  Apparently, it’s called jute string, hahaha.  They have jute string in both Hey Kessy and Wonderbake in U.P. Town (I ended up buying my roll in Hey Kessy because new stocks for jute string were arriving in Wonderbake the day after I was there).  It’s Php 95 for 20 yards at Hey Kessy, though the sales girls told me it’s actually 50 yards!   Okay na!  If you’re the type who doesn’t want to bother trekking to Divisoria, then ta-da, they’re available in Hey Kessy for wanna-be crafting mommies like meeeeee.

I also got green brush pens to match the pink polka dot washi tape I also have to decorate my toy bin tags (check out my mini “crafty” haul here).   Now, I’m ready to make the tags!

Next up: completing the toy bins or baskets!  I’m looking at these baskets from C&C (check their Instagram and they have some products in Go Luntian and Ava too).  I ordered a wooden gadget organizer from C&C for my mail nook – I cannot wait!  I also checked out True Value and still found the brown plastic bins I saw before.  Still available!