Summer whizzed by!

Laz started Second Grade last week.  It’s been raining every day, or almost every day, since June started.  We had several mall runs to complete most of the back to school preps before the first day of school last Wednesday, and over the weekend, the kids’ father pitched in to wrap and label Laz’s new books.  We’ve given our air-conditioning at home a break as the heat has finally let up.  I’ve been sick for 4 days too because of the change in weather.  Yes, summer is truly over, and we’re slowly but surely getting into the groove for the new school year ahead.

This has been a summer of firsts, especially for Alo, and admittedly an emotional one for me.  The upheaval at home was well and truly felt (raging, in fact) for most of the summer, but fittingly, simmered down as the weather cooled down.  It was a real effort, some days, to push myself to do things with and for the kids, venturing out into this solo parent role for the first time, but I have been so fortunate to be surrounded by really amazing, very supportive family and friends.  Laz and Alo, I hope when you look back on the summer of 2016, you’ll remember not just the changes in our family, but on all the fun we still got to do together, too.  Here’s a look back on our summer!

This summer of 2016 we

… hit the beach with 1-Magala(ng) in Punta Fuego:



Thank you for hosting us, Chua family!

… went on an Easter Egg Hunt in 10 Juliana (thank you Ate Irene!):

… attended classes (swimming lessons for Laz and playgroup for Alo):


Thank you to 1-Magala(ng) co-parent Dennis for organizing this!!!


… went go-karting:

… went on staycation in Edsa Shangri-La, care of Lola Tons and Lolo Jolan:


… moved!


… spent the weekend in Tagaytay with 1-Magala(ng):



More here!

… tried new restaurants, re-visited favorite haunts (em, Cibo), and ate a LOT of meals in bed:


… spent time with friends and family, went on play dates with david and noah, attended birthday parties, tried laser tag, shopped, voted, did some crafting, and celebrated:


We touched base with:  Lola, Lolo and Tita Amanda, Ninang Bing, Ninang Neva and Tito Dan and David and Noah,  Tita Jen,  the Insignes, our 1-Magala(ng) family, Ninang KQ and Tita Ceia, Tita Grace and Tito Earl, Tita/Ninang Patricia, Ninang Trina,  Ninang Monica, Ninang Trina and Ninong Jang, and Tito Euge


The kids also swam every afternoon in the gigundo inflatable pool Luli got them (with the filter Lolo Jolan bought for it) which we set up in our new backyard.  Yes, I think more than half of the summer was basically spent in the water, but with summers in the Philippines, who can blame them?  Laz and Alo emerged from this vacation all brown and bonny.   And surrounded by awesome memories and love – much love.