I was able to do a spot of “crafting” in between writing pleadings last weekend.  I’m using quotation marks back there (again!) because I’m a complete noob and not too confident about my crafting skills.  But making tags for the boys’ toy bins has been on my list for the longest time.

It took me a while to figure out what paper or pen to use (because I’m OC like dut).  I initially thought of using Sharpies but I discovered brush pens when I stumbled in to Scribe one day in Eastwood.  Water-based brush pens, imagine that.  Just comes to show how long since I’ve attempted anything “artsy” because I didn’t even know these things existed.  So here goes!

Ta-dah!  Clearly, my penmanship needs work, hahaha.   Those brush pens are the dickens to get used to.  I was happy to find that little dotted note pad, to keep everything in line (because I am otherwise Ms. Ruler).   I made templates first (with notes in pencil, to serve as my guide for future tags).  I’m supposed to have them laminated first before I punch holes.  I also didn’t like the baker’s twine I was able to get – it clashed too much with my washi tapes (FYI, also my first time to use washi tape, hahahaha).   I need to find those plain brown baker’s twine – everything I see is printed or striped everything.  I’ll try that baking store in U.P. Town.


I just noticed in this photo that I can’t even cut straight, hahaha, look at them edges.  Anyway, these are my templates, and I was incredibly happy after doing the tags, imperfect as they are.  My sister says creating something always makes you feel good afterwards, and I found this to be so true!  The lanai in our new house has been converted into the kids’ playroom.  There’s lots of light there, and room enough for their toys.  I’ve transferred the low shelves from the old house and switched out the bigger TV set for downstairs.

This is how the low shelves looked, with the baskets we used for the boys’ toys, in our old house:

Old grainy Instagram photo.  I’m having second thoughts about using baskets still.  It’s really hard finding somewhat attractive toy bins you can leave out.  Wooden crates are pretty, but too heavy for my 2-year-old Alo to drag off and on the shelves.  I worry about him dropping it on his foot or something.  And I think those fabric baskets may not be durable enough for my rambunctious sons (and somewhat sloppy yaya).  We use those plastic containers with handles on top that are in department stores everywhere, but I’m hoping to replace them with something both prettier but definitely functional.  (I’m not going for something incredibly creative or Pinterest-worthy, mind!  Just something nice and easy for yaya and the kids to use when they pack away).

I’m still leaning towards plastic bins, and found some in ACE Hardware.  I figure colorful tags will dress them up a bit.  Wish me luck!

P.S.  Aaaand since it used to drive me crazy when people don’t share information about the stuff they used for projects, here’s mine:

Rhodia pocket notepad (Php 150.00); MT kamoi paper “washi” tapes (Php 170.00 each); Zig clean color real brush pens (Php 115.00 each); and The Craft Central navy craft twine (Php 200.00).

All items available in Scribe in Eastwood.