TAGAYTAY: 1-Magala(ng) takes the high lands!


Hotel Monticello and Tagaytay Highlands (above) for the weekend!  |  28-29 May 2016

We went on another adventure with our 1-Magala(ng) family a few of weekends ago.  One of the biggest blessings in our lives is Laz’s 1st grade class.  The co-parents are a tightly knit group, and the boys are wonderful.  So fortunate that Laz got into a really good section – it has made his first year in elementary school a really happy and memorable experience.  I’m so so glad for him and extremely grateful.

This group has been such a pillar in our lives – our school activities and homework support have been incredible (and insanely well-organized and well-coordinated), but I also equally appreciate how the co-parents all pitch in together to make sure our sons get to spend time together outside of the classroom.  We’ve gone to the beach, made pizza, saw The Good Dinosaur, had play dates, and took swimming lessons together.  And since we have 1st graders, there were 7th birthday parties almost every week – with the 1-Magala(ng) boys always present, of course.

We know the chances of our sons ending up in the same section this school year are very slim, but here’s hoping we’ve helped build lasting friendships!


Here are some of (last year’s) 1-Magalang boys – missing Toby, Lucas, and Naru in this picture! 

We met for breakfast in SLEX and, being the ever organized group that this is, we convoyed to the Cliffhouse to meet with the other families and for more food!  Lunch in Buon Giorno took us 2 hours!  But the boys pigged out and ran around the deck there.  We actually had an itinerary planned for the weekend, crammed with activities in Highlands mostly, but since everyone enjoyed the leisurely meal, our mommy organizers figured we’d take it easy for the rest of the day.

We checked into a new hotel, Hotel Monticello, and when the boys discovered their heated pool, well, all plans of going to Highlands went right out the window!  The boys spent the entire afternoon swimming (with their younger siblings Alo, Noah, Theo, and Janna in tow).  Then it was off to dinner in one of the hotel restaurants, Cafe Mercedes, before the parents hung out together for drinks poolside, while the boys spent the night playing Wii in Kristoff and Jared’s room.


Only the kiddie pool was heated, by the way.  Most of the 1-Magala(ng) boys on this trip took swimming lessons together over the summer, so they didn’t have a problem jumping from the big pool to the little one.  Oh, and our Alo tried breathing underwater!  So fearless, that kid.  He went fishing for the first time during this trip too, and Manong Laz tried bowling for the first time.  Quite a lot of mini milestones for my sons.


In spite of the late night, we checked out early Sunday morning because we wanted to go to Tagaytay Highlands.  (Buffet breakfast in Cafe Mercedes was much better than dinner last night.  Neva reviewed our hotel here).  We enjoyed the view heading to Highlands – I don’t have proper pictures, but I swear to you, Tagaytay Highlands still has the best views of Taal Lake and the volcano, in my book!

Our group went fishing first; alas, most of the boys didn’t catch a thing.  It wasn’t for lack of trying though!


When it got too hot, we all made a beeline for the air-conditioned goodness of the bowling alley!  Laz had such a blast.  We have to schedule a bowling session back in Manila.  We stayed the rest of the time in the bowling alley, including having lunch there, because it was sweltering outside.



Triumphant Manong!  (Oh, and Alo didn’t trip in the background.  He sprawled on the floor on purpose and was looking up to see if his playmates were coming.  That silly kid kept chasing the bigger boys all around the bowling alley).

Thank you to our 1-Magala(ng) family!  They did the booking for us and arranged everything in Monticello, Buon Giorno, Highlands, etc.  All we had to do was show up, pay our share, and have fun fun fun.  Sa uulitin!!!