SCHOOL STATION: Getting Started


A sneak peek at our “school station” at home.  Still a work in progress, but I’ve been doing it carefully, making sure I love every single detail in this corner!

It’s the first day of school for Laz next week, and I’m cramming catching up on all the back-to-school preps.  Last year, I was all set at least 2 whole weeks before the first day of school.  This year, I’ve been drowning in work, my goodness.  I am grateful, for sure, but I am also tiiiiired.  And slightly panicky because we have so much to do still and school’s only a few days away.

Anyhoo!  Before we moved, I was just itching to set up a homework or school station for Laz.  I never did get to perfect my whole filing system for the gazillion of papers he brings home from school.  Plus, the extra school supplies I always keep on hand were all over the place.  This year, in this new house, I think I’ve finally figured it out.


The framed print is an illustration of Laz when he was less than a year old (from this event we attended in Makati).  The shot glass where I keep push pins is a souvenir from my late grandfather.  The cactus and pot are actually Laz’s (from one of those gardening stalls along White Plains Avenue) – it was supposed to be his pet plant but he never waters it!  The file boxes, hanging folders, and bamboo tray are from Muji, and the owl from True Home in Robinson’s Magnolia.  (I so love that little owl).

I still need more supplies, like scissors and a tape dispenser, paper clips, note pads, and little envelopes for payments (we seem to be buying a shirt or tickets or whatever every week in Laz’s school!).  And though you can’t see from the picture, there’s a big blank white wall behind everything.  Debating on hanging a print (prettier) or a cork board (more practical).  Then there’s the inside of that cabinet to fill up, of course.  So much to do still, but I’ve at least started (slow but steady as Laz often says when describing our progress at home)… and to tell you the truth, I am loving every minute of this.


My labels so far.  I really should get over my fear of label makers.

I was inspired to set up a homework station because of this post by my favorite organization blog, iHeart Organizing.  Though my spot is technically a “school cubby” or “school cabinet”, like that blogger described, because Laz doesn’t do homework at home.  My sister also complained after reading this that it wasn’t a homework station precisely because Laz doesn’t do homework here so fine, I’ve renamed it our School Station.

P.S.  I just want to share 2 of my favorite organization posts in iHeart Organizing: tips on daily organizing systems, and sanity saving home stations.