Appetizers for one! | 21 March 2016

While I spent the rest of last week being around the children (with comfort food at Max’s in UP Town last Friday, and getting Laz’s things ready for the new school year), the weekend was filled with adult time with some dear friends, Sunday lunch with family, tons of work (polished off 2 reply-affidavits in a row!), and good food.  Oh there were rages still, no doubt, but times spent around the table were the highlights of my weekend.

I had a very late, and very long, brunch in Barcino with my best sisses, and Matujang. Barcino in BGC offers this fully loaded brunch menu until 3:00 p.m., and while the appetizers were awesome (as seen above), my paella was so-so and the crepe was a mess.  It was a great afternoon, surrounded by people I love – dear friends who knew me well before all the hoolabaloo. Then in the evening my Neigh picked me up for dinner in nearby Forget Me Not.  The spaghetti with meatballs was too sweet, but I loved my caesar’s salad, the molten chocolate cake and tea we had for dessert, and the pep talk.  The next day, the boys and I had Sunday lunch with my folks, who ordered pizza before we all settled down to watch another episode of Miss Marple, and one episode of Band of Brothers (at Laz’s request).

And over in virtual space, there was also my ever-present accountability partner, JPA, and my 1-Magalang group, who never fail to lift my spirits.  It’s still tough going, but it’s a relief to be enveloped in the warmth and safety of a very different, but equally satisfying, kind of love.  Thank you, God.


Monsky, Matutrina2, Matutrina 1, and Momsy | 21 March 2016 (in Barcino)


Demolished! | 21 March 2016 (in Forget Me Not Cafe)