MASTER’S BEDROOM: The Bookshelves


A week ago I posted in IG a photo of my book shelves slash “entertainment unit” in the master’s bedroom.  I’m using quotation marks on that because I have my television set there and dvds, but I actually am not big on watching TV for entertainment.  I’ve since swapped out the sweet little crystal vase where I kept the mums I got for Mother’s Day for that green glass candle stick, but basically everything else has remained the same.

I think it looks neat (as in tidy), and I’m satisfied with it for now, especially since there’s still the rest of the house to move, pack and unpack, but there are a bunch of things I want to add and change.  Oh and please excuse the flap of brown sticking up on the left second shelf – that’s brown cartolina!  Hehe.  I’m always paranoid with putting down books or dvds on newly painted shelves, so I have them lined with paper for the first few months or so.

What I am most enjoying about moving in to this new house is that I get to really declutter and weed out the things I no longer like or use.  I want to make sure every corner, every single object, in this home sparks joy (as this blogger who did the Marie Kondo clean up shared – love that post!).  So I’m taking my time (or as much time as my parents will allow me, as they’re rearing to sell the old house where I used to live).

The thing about these shelves is that they’re the first thing I see when I wake up, and the last thing I see at night, so I especially want to fill up this corner with all things I love. You can see my To-Do List still for this corner, right after the break:


One (1). Need : a black print box or a stack of black print boxes to put on top of my pile of comic books.  A natural or white wood-framed picture frame to prop up in front.


Or, in lieu of boxes, how about these pretty tins from Orla Kiely? (Spotted in True Home in Robinson’s Magnolia)

Two (2). Look for : the AT-AT my Papa made for Laz.  I’m going to display it right beside my Buzz Lightyear.

Three (3). Repair or replace : that old globe. My brother and I have had that since grade school, but it’s peeling off one side.

Four (4). Replace : little bookstore box with something prettier, preferably made of wood, or get a bigger plant.

Five (5). Mulling over : posting a small print and a letter A on each side of the TV.  I’m just worried it might look too cluttered or distracting when you’re watching TV.

Six (6).  Replace : Wilbur.  As much as I love my old piggy bank, I want to replace him with something printed and/or more vividly colored.  I do find it useful having a piggy bank there though.

Seven (7). Get rid : of the Country Living magazines I have wedged there between my hardbounds.  I’ve always kept them with my decor books, but now I intend to just put big hardbound books that I truly like there.

L-R: Laz is trying to help me decide if we should put a print there; Kimmidolls in lieu of Wilbur?; the next hardbound book I intend to get (from Fully Booked Eastwood)

L-R: Laz is trying to help me decide if we should put a print there; Kimmidolls in lieu of Wilbur?; the next hardbound book I intend to get (from Fully Booked Eastwood)

Eight (8).  Install : locks for this cabinet. So yaya won’t mess with my supplies.

Nine (9). Need : a wire basket, and a square wooden basket beside it, to hide the cables.  (Though I’m actually proud of the cables; I tied, organized, and nailed everything in place myself, ala Jolan).

Ten (10). Replace : toy bins for the kids.  My rule is that any and all toys in the master’s bedroom have to fit in that shelf – 1 bin per kid.  I’ll get a basket too so they can lug their toys up and downstairs.  I really like these bins from Three Sprouts.  I want something fun for the kids.


L-R: wire and woven baskets in H&M Home in Magnolia; Three Sprouts toy bins are available in Rustan’s and Baby and Beyond; square baskets, lined and unlined, from Make Room Eastwood

Eleven (11). Replace : that darn electric fan.  I actually have a low white Asahi somewhere, but I need to have it sent to their service station, wherever that may be.  I’m not interested in investing in one of those blade-less fans right now.

Twelve (12). Replace : my adapter for something slimmer.  I bought the wrong kind – way too chunky, and jutting right out of the wall.  I get so annoyed when I see it!

I’ll do a before and after entry once I finish up these shelves.  I’ll be prioritizing the storage, and will most likely move on to tackle other corners of the house, before I go back for the decor for these shelves.